Priscilla Gary

Preacher. Speaker. Educator. Writer
Certified Personal & Group Fitness Trainer
Certified Life Coach
Community Advocate
Entrepreneur. Founder
TV & Radio Personality

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“As Priscilla Gary becomes more and more effective and persuasive in bringing the better instincts and inclinations of people across the CSRA, well… watch out!”

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Testimonials & Reviews

"Priscilla is definitely a young woman who knows where she’s going, and everyone around her will benefit as she achieves her goals"

"From my first day working with her, Priscilla demonstrated the kind of leadership that every Senior Leader wants to see on his/her team as well as those we want to work with.  She is hardworking, knowledgeable and makes friends with everyone she interacts with.  She is someone we are very proud that is out in our community representing our organization not just our local office. No matter what Priscilla is working on, she always maintains the utmost professionalism. Because of her significant business education, focus on people, as well as her HR practitioner experience, she is an outstanding candidate for her newest role."

-Maria Fuller, Director of Operations, ADP LLC

"Priscilla has a natural ability to take what she has learned and applies/transfer that out into the community to “pay it forward.” Priscilla has a passion for community engagement"

"I have never met another person with such devotion to her family, to the community through her lengthy commitment to volunteerism and her job in that she settles for no less than excellence that moves her up the corporate ladder".

-Gloria Ricks,CEO & Chairwoman, Mt Zion Community Outreach, Inc

"Her leadership qualities were evident in the information she shared regarding her leadership that she is one who will lead in our community"

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"Although Priscilla’s professional accomplishments bespeak her seemingly unlimited energy, insatiably curious intellect and charasmatic interpersonal skills, they still do not get at the most remarkable qualities of this young woman. What is most striking about Priscilla is her genuine and deep commitment to serve her community. She is clearly committed to a life of service and is, as they say, “the real deal”--- a person of dearly held convictions who acts on them for the betterment of others".

“Priscilla’s faith grounds her deep belief in the power of the individual and the human spirit, yet she knows out potential is greatest when we combine our efforts with those of others. So Priscilla serves where she can and works to empower and engage individuals. However, her unique gift is as a person who sees connections, encourages partnerships and promotes synergies. In this way, she is truly a uniter”.

“She serves and uplifts those around her. Her enthusiasm for volunteerism is contagious and she is possessed of the easy earnestness of the true believer. She is both zealous and sincere about the causes she takes up" - Ned Murray, Headmaster, Episcopal Day School

“Her unique gift is that she is going about the business of bringing people together and creating partnerships whereby working together we can unleash a far greater potential—for all people--- than through the collection of individual efforts”.